Based in
Wijk aan zee,
The Netherlands

Ilse Schrama (1997), Illustration & graphic design

Hi, my name is Ilse Schrama. I like going outside and looking at the world. I make paintings, drawings, about what I see and how I feel. I love analog printing, and a lot of my work includes risoprint or screenprint techniques. Here’s my official bio if you want a third person paragraph for press purposes


Ilse Schrama (b. 1997) is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Wijk aan zee, the Netherlands. Living near the beach and surrounded by nature, Ilse spends most her time outside, where her biggest inspiration comes from. This inspiration she translates into poetic visuals.

2014 - 2018   Graphic Design (MBO) at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht
2019 - 2023   Illustration (BA) at University of the Arts Utrecht
2022   Stripdagen, Haarlem
2022   Utrecht 900 jaar: de stad als schuilplaats, Utrecht
2023   Exposure Graduation Show, Utrecht
2023   Het Mystieke Poezie circus, Haarlem
2023   Future Health Expo, Utrecht

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