In 2023 This work was shown at my graduation show ‘esposure’ of the HKU. This was a personal project that i worked on for a year, towards te graduation.

In Een Grijs Gebied(In a Gray Area) is a portrait of the surroundings of Tata Steel. I tell about the environment through a visual translation of anecdotes and stories of local residents, visitors and employees. Like me, they have a connection with this place and perhaps also each have their own inner conflict about this environment. What considerations do you make if you continue to live here? These people are not against the company as before, rather they are in a gray area with divided opinions. It is a poetic visual reportage about people's connections to this environment.

This project is a poetic, visual reportage about the environment of Tata steel that consists of bundled illustrations of anecdotes from the people who have a connection to this environment.

                 2023  - Exposure Graduation Show, Utrecht

                                        The zines for the graduation show 

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